Vegetable Set
Vegetable Set Vegetable Set Vegetable Set Vegetable Set

Large, round, tactile, saturated color and at the same time with a wood pattern. Even the smallest ones will like them, they have the lovely smell of wood, and are convenient to hold.  Playing with such vegetables from an early age lays the idea of ​​proper nutrition.

Ask your child to make a fun soup or salad while you are preparing dinner for the whole family next to him in the kitchen. This is useful for the formation of imaginative thinking, imagination, logical connections, memory and is great for mom - because she can calmly do cooking while the child is busy with a developing game.

The set has 10 vegetables: eggplant, carrots, onions, turnips, potatoes, tomato, cucumber, beets, mushroom, small mushroom. Everything folds into a cotton bag.

Handmade from solid Linden wood and finished with eco water-based paint.

100% wood
Designed and handmade in Russia