Engel Organic Wool Fleece Baby Blanket - Reed
Engel Organic Wool Fleece Baby Blanket - Reed Engel Organic Wool Fleece Baby Blanket - Reed

The most comfortable and cosy organic wool fleece blanket wedged in a blanket shell stitch from Engel measuring 90cm x 100cm. This quality is dirt and water repellant thanks to the lanolin concentration of the wool and regenerates through airing, frequent washing is therefore unnecessary.

This product is certified by IVN-Best-guidelines, which means that it is produced by the strictest ecological and social standards in Germany.

100% Organic Merino Fleece, GOTS certified
Designed and made in Germany
Maintenance: Hand wash cold (see more details below)

For wool fleece, if washing is necessary, please hand wash cold. It is essential to use a wool detergent. Do not spin. Please do not dry in the dryer or on the heater, as this will make the wool hard, brittle and matted. We recommend squeezing the products out in a towel after the rinsing process, pulling them into shape while they are still wet and drying them flat.

Briefly swirl around a little in plenty of luke-warm water, squeezing gently, using a mild detergent specially designed for wool, then rinse in water of the same temperature. Please do not rub, wring out or spin, expose to changes in temperature (first warm water then cold, or vice versa) or soak.