Konges Slojd Nola Baby Carrier
Konges Slojd Nola Baby Carrier Konges Slojd Nola Baby Carrier Konges Slojd Nola Baby Carrier Konges Slojd Nola Baby Carrier

Nola baby carrier is perfect for parents who enjoy the comfort and flexibility of a baby wrap carrier, but desire a little more support for the baby and yourself.
The carrier is one size and will fit all babies as well as adults. It's usable for babies from birth up to toddlers from 3-16 kg / 6.5 - 35 lbs.

The Nola baby carrier's multiple positions are all ergonomically designed to take care of both baby and parents. The waistband is padded to help distribute the weight evenly. The soft padded shoulder straps are for neck and shoulder comfort.

The ergonomic knee-to-knee function is specially designed to support a correct position for your baby's legs/hip area. An adjustable headrest is made to protect your baby's head when needed. This is especially necessary for newborns with no head and neck control yet.

For newborn babies, the front-carry- facing-in position with the headrest up, is recommended. Baby with full head and neck control, can use the front-carry-facing-in with the head-rest down and the side-carry position. Bigger babies and toddlers can easily be worn in the back carry position. The special safety buckles are designed with a triple-release-function.

For low birth weight babies and children with medical conditions, seek advice from a health professional before using the product

Made in 100% OEKO TEX material
Please read the manual that comes with the baby carrier before use.
EU-standard PD CEN/TR 16512.2015

More information can be found in the Nola baby carrier information book here.