Kitpas Rice Wax Bath Crayons 3 colours Turtle

Make bath time fun with kitpas bath crayons - set of three colours - Brown, Green and Yellow
Easily washes off bathtubs with a wet sponge*.
With its unique formula, kitpas bath crayons float and will not disintegrate in water.
Designed with small hands in mind, these hexagonal-shaped Kitpas are easy to grip.

*Please Note* Although Kitpas for Bath are designed to draw directly on wet surfaces and bathtubs, please DO NOT use Kitpas for Bath on BATHROOM WALLS or TILES. Always test on a small area first.

Erase after use: Any residue of color that remains on the surface for a long time may not be erasable. Therefore, kitpas recommend that you erase the drawings thoroughly and wipe the water off. Wash away any color residue on the bathroom floor with water as well.
Not for children under 3 years old
Non toxic, made from Japanese rice bran wax
Made in Japan

Historic Japanese Brand! Founded in 1937, innovative Japanese manufacturer, Nihon Rikagaku Industry Co. Ltd, produces award-winning art chalks and unique multi surface, water soluble Kitpas crayons. Their dustless chalks are made from locally sourced recycled scallop shells and are used in over 60% of Japanese schools. All products are non-toxic and allergen free. The company is committed to upholding excellent social values – their mission statement is to produce quality products that do not damage people or the Earth, and to create happiness through providing opportunities for people with learning difficulties - the majority of its workforce.