Haps Nordic Organic Cotton Storage bag

The Haps Nordic large storage bag is designed for easy and decorative storage at home and on the go. Use it for children's toys, for towels in the bathroom or for laundry. For example, you can use several different storage bags for different laundry, so it is already sorted when you go to wash. Or store extra duvets and blankets in it, and use it at the same time as a large cozy pillow in the living room - then the blankets are always ready when a cave is to be built in the living room. The drawstring at the top makes it easy both to hang the bag on a hook and to carry the bag when toys, bedding or other things are to go on a trip. The storage bag is made of GOTS certified cotton.

Measurements: 53cm x 43cm
100% organic cotton Canvas
Washing instructions: 30 ° C