Fairechild Fanny Pack Indigo

The Fanny Pack is tailor-made for outdoor adventures. Fairechild's signature 100% waterproof fabric and will keep your belongings safe and dry no matter the weather. Equipped with a secure and adjustable strap, an inner pocket and snaps to close, the Fanny Pack is the perfect bag to accompany little explorers or grown-ups on the go.

Measurements: top flap width 29cms, base width 21cms, strap (including fanny pack) circumference 100cms

100% Recycled Polyester, Oeko-Tex Certified
Made in Canada

Fairechild's fabric is free of harmful chemicals and made from a non-porous, flexible material that pulls vapour through the fabric to evaporate away. It is waterproof, windproof, dirt and mud resistant and breathable.

The membrane is made using advanced processes in polyester (PET), and consists solely of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, making it fully recyclable. It poses no health risk, being both PTFE-free and PFC-free. It remains completely waterproof under pressure and it is soft to the touch. This high-performing fabric keeps moisture out while playing in snow or enjoying rainy walks in the park.

So how exactly does a bottle become fabric? Sympatex Technologies, the manufacturers of Fairechild's beloved fabric, has taken advantage of the unique properties of PET and harnessed them into one amazing textile. After collecting the bottles, Sympatex crushes them into small bits that are then reformed into yarn. Next these recycled, or rPET yarns are woven into the textiles. Their production process also strikes a healthier ecological balance - with a 32% CO2 reduction, 60% less energy and 94% less water consumption than most comparable oil-based polymer productions. Sympatex is also certified in accordance with the strict requirements of Oeko-tex Standard 100 and BlueSign.

The final step in the transformation happens when Fairechild sew that fabric into bespoke accessories in their Dartmouth studio. From water bottles to bags, that's how they do it!