Angulus TEX Boots Wool Lined

Wool lined TEX boots with laces. Lambswool is soft and keeps the feet warm. Angulus TEX is a membrane which is laminated and fixed between the lining and the upper. The membrane effectively keeps water out while letting the feet breath. Angulus TEX keeps the feet dry and ensures a healthy foot climate.

For the Angulus TEX-membrane to retain its properties it is important to apply the necessary leather care with a protection spray and shoe polish with low oil content.

100% leather, lined with 100% chrome-free leather
Natural crepe rubber sole
Designed in Denmark, made in Portugal

Approximate Inner Length:
24: 15.6 cm
25: 16.2 cm
26: 16.9 cm
27: 17.5 cm
28: 18.2 cm
29: 18.9 cm
30: 19.6 cm
31: 20.2 cm
32: 20.9 cm
33: 21.5 cm
34: 22.2 cm
35: 22.9 cm
36: 23.6 cm

For proper growth it is recommended to allow 1-1.5cm longer than the end of the foot.